Friday, April 17, 2015

Style FX Swimwear Fashion Show

I recently attended the Style FX Swimwear Fashion Show at Gilt Nightclub. This was the first time I attended a swimwear show, therefore, I was naturally excited!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lentils and Pearled Couscous Meal

Lentils are very inexpensive and can help add variety to your diet.  While this healthy meal took a decent amount of time to prepare, it is very easy. Sometimes, I cook a large amount of lentils and then use them in different meals throughout the week. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Club Dresses | Try on

I'm trying on two sexy club dresses today that I purchased during a 70% off sale at Downtown Divas. Watch the video below to see how they fit!

I love the deep plunge on the first maroon dress, but I also like the versatility of the crop top and high waisted midi skirt. And how sexy is that slit in the back? No wonder I bought both! 

I purchased these two outfits in person for under $40 total during the sale. Click here for a link to the Downtown Divas online store.

Which club dress was your favorite?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dream Hotel | South Beach

I recently traveled to South Beach in Miami, FL to finish my very last spring break as a college student. I had an amazing time and was able to stay in a beautifully furnished hotel that I must share with you all. I initially found Dream Hotel using the app and decided to visit the location before booking in order to see the room. As soon as I saw that the room was EXACTLY as pictured, I was sold. I informed the front desk of the price I found on the app and they were able to beat the price by $21, therefore, I clearly decided to book through the hotel. 

This awesome light up magnifying mirror and adorable vanity make this room beauty blogger certified! I was so happy to see that I could sit down and do my makeup because I was exhausted from driving and shopping around on Lincoln road all day. The great part of multiple mirrors is that my cousin was able to use the mirror in the bathroom while I applied my makeup here.
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