Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sweater Weather

Knit Sweater: Decree by JCPenney
Tights/Leggings: Love Culture
Booties: Mark by Avon
Tote Bag: Avon
Watch: Mark by Avon
String Necklace: Elizabeth Nicole on Etsy

Here is the outfit that I chose to wear to the rally I mentioned in my previous post. It was rather cold outside so I jumped at the opportunity to throw on a jumper! Orlando returned to warmer temperatures, but I can still reminisce, right? If you're wondering why I have a packet of carrot seeds, it was actual a campaign material for a candidate running for soil and water conservation. I thought it was a clever way to get his name out! Let me know if you enjoy these outfit posts and have a great day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Charlie Crist and Bill Clinton at UCF

I attended the Charlie Crist for Florida Governor Rally at the University of Central Florida last night and thought I'd share my evening. President Bill Clinton was the key speaker at this event and if you have been following me for sometime, then you know this is the second time I have attended one of his events. I feel he has a great connection whenever he speaks and is just so down to earth. This is why I believe he is often chosen to speak at grassroots events. He hit on a few key points about health care and equal pay for women while Senator Bill Nelson touched on government grants and other issues that have been of major debate in Rick Scott's term.

Here is a snippet of Bill Clinton's speech. I do apologize for the less than desirable video work as I had some difficulties filming in the crowd. However, I hope the message still resonates with you.

The pictures above are when I was finding a place to stand before the event started and then after Bill Nelson began speaking. 

While I understand and respect that everyone has his or her political opinion, I still encourage you to educate yourself on candidates and take the initiative to vote. Thanks for reading and watching!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Misogi-Naturals LatherMaster: Giveaway + Deomonstration

Hey Angels,

I was lucky enough to try the Misogi-Naturals LatherMaster exfoliating soap bars recently, and I'm sharing my experience with you all today in the video below. The LatherMaster comes in 6 scents: Mocha Kohi, Dragon Breath, Bamboo Ash, Ginger Sake, Wasabi Lime, and Silk Kimono. Misogi-Naturals also gave me a discount code for all of my viewers. Just type LatherMaster in the checkout and you will get 15% off your total purchase.
Check out the Misogi-Naturals website and all of their natural bath and body products here.

I have teamed up with Misogi-Naturals to provide you with another giveaway! I will be giving away a gift box including one Dragon Breath LatherMaster exfoliating soap bar and one Green Tea Body Butter; all wrapped up in an adorable take out box.
In order to enter this contest you must:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Berry Beautiful.
2. Like this Video.
3. Comment on what you like best about Misogi-Naturals, as many times as you like for the next two weeks. More comments = More chances to win but they must be related to Misogi-Naturals!

I will contact the winner via YouTube message after the giveaway has ended and will also post his or her YouTube name in the beginning of the description as a secondary measure. Thank you for watching and continue to be Berry Beautiful!

Misogi-Naturals website:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blue Vanilla Dress Wish List

I can't tell you how much I'm in love with this Blue Vanilla Floral White Collar dress! I'm looking to revamp my wardrobe and the collar detailing just spoke to me on this one. I came across them while looking through online retailers and now I can't decide which dress I want to purchase. The three quarter sleeves and covered decolletage make it great for late fall and early winter here in Florida.
I've also had my eye on the Embellished Neck Dress because it is classy yet simple. I want to have a go to black dress for conferences and professional parties. I'm graduating soon and need to add more sophisticated pieces to my wardrobe that are still cute. This dress would pair great with a blazer.

The last item that I'm considering is this Dip Dye Dress because it is going to start getting colder soon in Florida, so it would be nice to have a comfortable yet feminine piece to wear to campus and for days I'm stuck studying at a coffee shop. It also doesn't seem to be too thick where I can't wear it in spring weather. Which pieces are your favorites?

All dresses can be found at Blue Vanilla's website here,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Use Garnier Olia

Hey Angels!
Today, I finally show you how I dye my curly hair with Garnier Olia. This is just a video showing you how I dye it but if you want an in depth review on the product, click here for the review I did a while back. Today I'm using the Champagne Blonde shade, however, it was extremely difficult to find! In the past, I have used the Medium Blonde shade and that worked well, I just prefer the champagne because it's more of an ash tone. I pretty much follow the directions given except for a few steps and the length of time that I leave it in. It is suggested that you have someone with patience help you if not do it for you because it will come out better. With that said, I didn't have my mom here to do it for me so I had to dye it on my own and missed a few spots. It's not a big deal to me but if it is to you then please have someone who likes hair do it for you.